• Drilling Cement Additives (Imextco)

    Imextco is a manufacturer of Drilling Chemicals and Additives.   Products include light weight cement additives, cement retarders, cement blends (Fly ash), silica flour and HTB cement for the drilling industry.

  • Ferrosilicon (DMS Powders)

    DMS Powders provides ferrosilicon powder for application in Dense Media Separation through a highly sophisticated production process.

    By means of strict quality control standards DMS produces a Ferrosilicon with the following benefits.

    • Corrosion resistance
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Magnetic properties allowing easy recovery and de-magnetisation
    • High specific gravity
    • Economical operating costs
    • DMS offers both Milled and Atomised Ferrosilicon in the following grades
    • Milled FeSi
    • 100#, 65D, 100D, 150D, 270D, 270F
    • Atomised FeSi
    • Coarse, Fine, DMS 70, Cyclone 60 and Cyclone 40