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About UOP

UOP LLC, a Honeywell company, has been delivering cutting-edge technology to the petroleum refining, gas processing, petrochemical production and major manufacturing industries for over 90 years.

The company’s roots date back to 1914, when the revolutionary Dubbs thermal cracking process created the technological foundation for today’s modern refining industry. In the ensuing decades, UOP engineers have generated thousands of patents, leading to important advances in process technology, profitability consultation, and equipment design. In addition, our latest proprietary discovery methods for identifying new catalysts and adsorbents are enabling us to bring such products to the marketplace faster than ever before.

Throughout the world, UOP customers are seeing tangible benefits by applying our decades of experience to their manufacturing plants. UOP advances do more than create higher yields, higher quality products, and higher profits for our customers. They also create cleaner technologies and processes for a healthier global environment. And now, as part of Honeywell Specialty Materials business, UOP is even better able to bring the best, most advanced processes, products and services to customers around the world.

Adsorbent, Specialty and Custom Products

UOP’s Adsorbents and Specialties group offers the broadest range of molecular sieves and alumina adsorbents in the world with production facilities in the United States, Italy, Japan, and China. We are the worldwide leader in the continuing development and manufacture of zeolite and alumina adsorbents and their commercial applications.

UOP’s adsorbents expertise is unparalleled in the industry, extending from research and development to manufacturing, and from application product selection consulting to technical services. To meet the needs of our customers, we offer the broadest portfolio of adsorbent products available in the world, in the widest variety of packages. Our understanding of product applications and extensive industry expertise allows us to provide intelligent solutions for even the most complex manufacturing problems.
The scientists of the Linde Department of Union Carbide (a business unit now merged into UOP) invented synthetic molecular sieves more than 50 years ago. UOP continues to be a pioneer in the adsorbents business – by developing cutting edge products and processes to assure our customers high performance and overall value. Whatever your adsorbent needs, we have the right adsorbent product for you.

To find out more about UOP’s range of Adsorbents and what they can do for your business, contact our office or visit the UOP website:

About Saint Gobain

Saint Gobain NorPro is the world leader in ceramic catalyst bed support ball technology and has set the industry standard with its Denstone® support media.  Denstone support media is utilized in petrochemical, refining and chemical plants all around the world.

Saint-Gobain NorPro provides an extensive range of Denstone® brand bed support media, including Denstone 2000, 99, 57, along with it’s revolutionary bed support technology — Denstone® deltaP® media for fixed bed applications. The Denstone deltaP engineered media is unlike any traditional spherical bed support media and can increase the performance of your reactor.  This technological breakthrough offers multiple benefits, improving your overall operating performance and bottom line results.

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About DMS Powders

DMS Powders – the worlds leading supplier of ferrosilicon.

The production of Milled Ferrosilicon (FeSi) in South Africa dates back to 1949 for use in the Dense Medium Separation of diamonds. This was also the early beginning of DMS Powders, trading as Amcor at the time. The production facility relocated to Meyerton in the 1950’s with the Atomized Ferrosilicon production facility being commissioned in 1967.   Today, DMS Powders is the largest global supplier of both Atomized and Milled FeSi with a production capacity of 42000tpa.  Our products are produced with proven technology and precision, at our facility in Meyerton, 45km south of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our production expertise is coupled with experienced product technical support, long-term customer relationships and an intimate knowledge of global logistics. Research is continuously conducted with accredited institutions, ensuring that our powders will advance your beneficiation process time after time. To find more about the DMP Ferrosilicon Powder range, contact our office or visit the DMS Powders website:

About Linkone

Linkone Chemical Co is a specialised supplier of fine chemical products from Chinese manufacturers focused on Mining Chemicals, Extracting Agents, Cross Linking Agents, Flame Retardant Agents and Organic Peroxides.

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About C-KOE

C-KOE Metals is an Aluminum company which produces exceptionally precise products for some of the most demanding clients in diverse industries around the world.  Their high standards have helped make C-KOE the leader in high-purity Aluminum production. They are also the only approved supplier of high-purity Aluminum used in the US manufacture of titanium alloys which are utilized in aerospace applications.

Their team of metal experts has operated as Aluminum industry leaders since 1983. Continuity in staffing, with a company-wide dedication to consistently reliable and conscientious manufacturing, is key to delivery of the very best product.

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About Base Metals

Base Metals was established in 1996 with its first AlCl3 unit near Baroda, Gujarat in India.  Over the years Base’s capacity has grown significantly with the addition of new production facilities and now has a total capacity of >15 000 MTPA of AlCl3.   In 2002 Base was accredited with ISO 9001:2000.

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About Avon Metals

Avon Metals is a leading Aluminium recycling and non-ferrous metals trading company.  Their core activity is the production of 10,000 metric tonnes per annum of primary and secondary based Aluminium master alloys, grain refiners and modifiers, which are used to achieve elemental additions in the production of extrusion billet, foil stock, can stock, plate & sheet.

Avon Metal’s global customer base includes the major multinational companies Alcoa, Novelis, Hydro & Aleris.   They also an active physical trader of high grade non-ferrous scrap metals, LME primary base metals such as Aluminium, Tin & Zinc, and off-exchange minor metals and ferro-alloys including titanium, tungsten & ferro-titanium for the superalloy, titanium and special steel industries.

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